On-site badge and plastic card print

  • Plastic card print (with or without photo)

  • Badging (badge with name, plastic card, wristband) on the event

  • Plastic card printing directly from within the tablet application

  • Web application for guest registration / badge printing

  • POS ticket sale


Sell tickets online

  • Custom ticket selling page

  • Unlimited ticket count and types

  • Customizable ticket purchase form with additional fields if needed (Name, surname, age)

  • Registration forms with easy integration

  • WYSIWYG ticket designer

  • Various ways of ticket purchase

  • Promo codes


Tablet attendee list

  • Complex tablet-based solution for attendee list

  • Elegant solution for guestlist collection and endless excel and email merging

  • Create guestlist, define how many visitors is the partner allowed to add and leave the rest for them

  • Effectively prevents haggling with partner tickets

  • Ability either to only add the attendee or to send him/her a RSVP invitation

  • Tabled attendee list software, solution worthy of this era


Registration forms

  • Simple and intuitive registration forms creator

  • Form data are and always will be in your ownership

  • Possibility to create dynamic value-driven forms (if field value is Yes, then show another field, otherwise hide, etc)

  • Simple integration using either customizable iframe elements, or our simple API

  • Full support of Google Analytics and Facebook integration


Onsite attendee registration

  • Identification either using QR codes, or by searching in the online attendee list using attendee's name or other identificator

  • Registration using mobile app, or directly from the web

  • Personalized badge printing (plastic card, badge, wristband...)

  • In case of server connection loss, application can use it's offline database and synchronize once connection is retained

  • Realtime checkin "LiveFeed" allows for effective separation of duties

  • Possibility to rent our pre-configured registration kiosks


Access control

  • QR-scanning based access control

  • Mobile scanning app for Android and iOS

  • Dedicated scanning hardware rental

  • Advanced capability to work when offline (application has a fully fledged synchronized internal database)

  • Možnosť rozdeliť event na ľubovoľný počet prístupových zón (VIP, Backstage, ...)

  • RFID visitor tracking

  • "Subevent"-based access control possibility (movies on movie festivals, VIP saloon, conference panels). Ability to setup per one ticket

  • Food / drink control

  • Cashless credit system for festivals


Event mobile applications

  • Event mobile app creation

  • Native applications for iOS, Android & Windows

  • Connected to the portal - helps to avoid double data entry when creating the app and event

  • Various app modules - schedule, timeline, performance list, photowall, faceswap, tickets inside the app, event partners, FAQ, static pages and more

  • For more info, contact us, or check our showcase clicking on this link (Slovak only)


Other services

  • Online sales stats

  • Online attendee stats (how many people and who specifically, access zone load graph....)

  • WYSIWYG template designer for tickets, email, invitations...

  • Marketing newsletter sending

  • Attendee import (manual or from Excel file) and their management

  • And there is much, Much, MUCH more...

See the system in action

What we've done already

Below you can find some of events where Inviton system has already been used. This does not represent full portfolio, as the system has been used on hundreds of events already. This is just a picked representation sample of case studies and their details


Ticket fee pricing model
  • FREE
    • 0%, 0¢ of the ticket price
      • Ticket checking app
      • Only free events

    • Create event
  • Standard
    • 6%, min. 60¢ of the ticket price
      • Ticket checking app
      • All portal services
      • Technical support

    • Create event
  • Specialized
    • ?%, min. of the ticket price
      • Organizing interesting event and feeling you should receive better conditions?

    • Contact us!

SaaS custom instance model (own domain, no ticket fees)

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